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Логотип Gusarov

в мессенджерах:

в мессенджерах:

This is a story about how we increased our client’s turnover by 30% in a month

A Belarusian company that produces and sells starter cultures for home use turned to us at the beginning of December 2018. The client gave us two tasks:

  1. to inform potential consumers about the product;
  2.  to increase the sales.

Simply informing the customer about the new product would not give any result. It is important to help him to understand the composition of the product. How and why he should use it and what benefits it will bring.

Many people have heard about starter cultures but very few of them know how to use them at home properly. Not everyone knows that it is fast, easy and healthy. That is exactly what we had to show to our target audience. Therefore, we decided to focus on the learning content. That is what happened next.

Our results

Finally, company’s turnover increased by 30%