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Website development for business

We implement successful projects and instruments that are capable not just to inform the Clients but also to sell them. Website development is based on the analytics, SEO, agile development methods, and desire to reach your goal. Product development is divided into the stages (Scrum methodology) that allow you to imagine the life cycle. It also saves time when the technical support is required.

The path from visual concepts to boost in sales and loyalty of the Clients lies through the analysis, technology implementation, and modernization. We follow the development trends and quickly react to any changes. The websites developed by the agency become the tools for solving business tasks and can quickly adapt to the consumer demand changes.

Website development from the ground up

We offer a result rather than a process, a ready solution for your problems rather than a vague option.

Company services

Создание корпоративного сайта

Corporate website creation from 1100$

A corporate website is a representation of your company in the Internet. We have a clear understanding of the business tasks. Therefore, we perform a serious analysis and make landing pages relevant and the structure intuitive when proceeding to the project.

Создание сайта-каталога

Catalog website development from 1300$

A catalog website developed by the specialists of our agency will become a reliable assistant and a link between your business and consumers. Thanks to the understandable structure, logic navigation, and thought-out design, the website will be memorable and meet the users' interest.

Создание интернет-магазина

Online store creation from 1900$

We create online stores for each subject matter and goals, whether it is sale of goods for children, furniture, or auto parts. When developing a multi-page resource, we take into account the demands of the audience. It means that you will get a ready-to-use tool to showcase and sell your goods with a simplified scheme of cooperation between the seller and the customer.

Создание сайта-визитки

Business card website development from 600$

We will ensure a successful presence of your business in the Internet. Moreover, thanks to the stylish, optimized, and functional website, you will be able to attract the target traffic, inform users about the company, publish clients' feedback, and use a new advertising platform for your purposes.

Создание Landing Page

Landing Page creation from 550$

We develop correct Landing Pages that advertise, sell, and increase conversion. We set goals and approach each of them in terms of design, development, and hierarchy. We focus on the user's experience in order to attract visitors, retain them, and turn them into your clients.

Создание микро-сайтов

Micro website development from 600$

Such tool as a micro website will help transfer your business model to the Internet, introduce your services or goods to the users, inform about the launch of new actions and special offers. We will develop an impressive, convenient, and memorable resource to increase the brand awareness.

Перенос сайта на другую CMS

Transfer of website to another CMS from 350$

We will help the project which have "grown up" from its CMS to move to the other one safely. After the procedure, you will be able to use all marketing possibilities, modernize the platform, and leave the competitors behind. We will assess all risks of website transfer, control the process, and prevent the loss of traffic and positions when the search engines give results.

Защита сайта WordPress от взлома

WordPress protection against hacking from 100$

Technological advancements give rise to new scripts and algorithms, which can easily hack a resource. In this case, the business will suffer catastrophic losses. We will protect you web representation, strengthen vulnerable spots and protect from hacking attacks.

Доработка сайтов

Website improvement from 100$

Nowadays outdated websites will lose a struggle for the target traffic, requests, and sales. We will modernize your resource taking into account trends and world tendencies, correct technical faults and errors, and add new sections and elements.

Our rates

Template solution

Recommended budget

from 792 USD

Unique solution

Recommended budget

from 1 735 USD

Our rates

Type of business
Малый бизнесSmall
Средний бизнесMedium
Крупный бизнесLarge
Международные компанииInternational companies
Site type
Сайт-каталогCatalog website
Корпоративный сайтCorporate website
Интернет-магазинOnline store
ПорталInternet portal
Recommended budget
Ready solution
from 792$
Unique design
from 1 735$


Stage #1
  • – Goal determination, website positioning
  • – Project concept development
  • – Interface designing (page structure, navigation)
Stage #2
  • – Design layout creation
  • – Detailed graphical and textual element representation
  • – Improvement
  • – Design layout approval
Stage #3
  • – Layout and stylized design
  • – Element cutting
  • – Division into sections
  • – Adaptive layout creation
  • – Testing
Stage #4
  • – Website programming
  • – Transfer to content management system (CMS)
Stage #5
  • – Optimization
  • – Website placement in the Internet
  • – Testing
  • – Putting into operation
Этапы продвижения
2-3 WEEK
4-5 WEEK
6-7 WEEK


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