Логотип Gusarov


For manager

Andrew-Gusarov«Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Andrey Gusarov. I am the one who makes sure that the tools you use to attract your clients are effective and ahead of the competition. I know the value of your time and remember those times when I was working in the kitchen and could not invest much money. My company growth is the result of constant implementation of business processes and automation at all stages. How can you know the price of a high-quality product if you do not do everything yourself - from writing the texts to trying to save when looking for the best price? It is my fault if you have not obtained a result. Therefore, my employees will never offer you an unbeneficial option. Let marketing specialists write nice texts but your legal guarantee is always supported with common sense, economic feasibility, and my word. When everybody works b2b, we offer p2p (person2person), take on responsibilities for the result, and give maximum. You can endlessly seek modern perfectionism but we always tell you whether it will bring profit to you and how quickly.»

To competitors:

Andrew-Gusarov«I would like to say thank you and I am sorry that I do not know all of you personally. Thank you for the years of loyalty and that you maintain an appearance in spite of the crisis. You know the value of words and what business ethics is.»

My contact details:

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