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We forecast the result to reach the maximum effect. Before starting the website promotion, we dive into the business and start out from the tasks set by the Client. We study the competitors, and after the analysis, we find the points for growth, manage priorities, and draw up the promotion plan. We analyze the results on a regular basis, explain them, and teach the Client throughout the process.

Website promotion assumes collaboration with the Client and his/her resources to develop and build the thorough analytics. We want our Clients to know how to calculate the efficiency from investments in different advertising channels.

If you order website promotion from us, you will get:

What are the benefits of working with us?

We offer three SEO plans that take into account all business peculiarities - you can choose the most.

Our agency uses the structural approach to website promotion. A team consisting of a SEO specialist, developer, copywriter, and designer, if required, works on each project. It allows to divide the areas of responsibility and increase efficiency of work on each component of the Internet resource promotion. Working together, different specialists will be able to:

You can order SEO promotion in Minsk from Gusarov group. The service can also be rendered in other cities and countries because the promotion is not tied to your geolocation. The cooperation process is extremely transparent. When concluding the contract, we provide the client with an account and access to the CRM system where he/she can:

Our specialists always offer new tricks that improve website conversion and will help to set up the analytics. We understand that the service is not transparent and, therefore, give an access to SEO CRM for better understanding how it works.

The performers communicate with the Client. It facilitates the process of negotiation and implementation of changes. When implementing the project, we set up a project group including a SEO specialist, editor, copywriter, and developer. This approach allows to dive into the business as deep as possible and quickly react to the competitor's actions.

The profit that we bring to the Clinet is important, but we do not forget about the means of achieving the goal. That's why we use only "white" methods.


SEO-аудит сайта

SEO audit of website

Detection of errors that prevent the website from operating correctly

Сбор семантического ядра

Collection of semantic core

Selection of appropriate key words and their clusterization

Создание релевантного контента

Creation of relevant content

Creation of unique and optimized texts (commercial or information) by skilled copywriters and their publication

Внутренняя и внешняя оптимизация

Internal and external optimization

Improvement of behavioral, referential, content, and brand factors of ranking

Разовая оптимизация

One-time optimization

Introduction of technical corrections to ensure correct website operation

Анализ юзабилити

Usability analysis

Examination of user interface, based on which we conclude about the website usability (ergonomics)

There are much more SEO promotion services. We have drawn up three optimal promotion plans for the clients. For better performance, it is possible to change the set of services for each project.

Наши тарифы


Recommended budget

от 342 USD


Recommended budget

от 412 USD


Recommended budget

from 567 USD

Our rates

Type of business
Малый бизнесSmall
Средний бизнесMedium
Крупный бизнесLarge
Международные компанииInternational companies
Site type
Сайт-каталогCatalog website
Корпоративный сайтCorporate website
Интернет-магазинOnline store
ПорталInternet portal
Recommended budget
from 342$
from 412$
from 567$

*The prices are indicated net of VAT


Under the website promotion service, you get a comprehensive report on the performed works, as well as a detailed plan of actions for the next months of our cooperation. All works will be agreed at each stage of search promotion of the website. Besides, you can access the online performance statistics anytime.

Stage #1
  • – Technical audit
  • – Usability analysis
  • – Drawing up the terms of reference to introduce corrections in the website
  • – Setting up the analytical counters
  • – Analysis of the website current positions
  • – Distribution of key words over pages, distribution coordination
Stage #2
  • – Control of technical corrections in accordance with the terms of reference (optional, corrections are made by our specialists)
  • – Meta-information optimization on the website
  • – Writing of SEO texts
Stage #3
  • – Analysis of the website referential profile
  • – Development of link placement scheme
  • – Writing of reference texts (anchor list)
  • – Link placement
  • – Coordination of texts and meta-information with the client
Stage #4
  • – Improvement of texts in compliance with the client's requirements
  • – Publication of approved texts
  • – Revalidation of performed technical corrections
  • – Reference mass increase
  • – Indexation and strengthening of placed links
Stage #5
  • – Primary optimization results analysis
  • – Yandex Metrica data analysis
  • – Expansion of request list for promotion
  • – Drawing up the content plan
  • – Submission of report on performed works and work plan for the next month
Этапы продвижения


Detailed elaboration of each project

Result is really important to us

Comprehensive approach

Competent staff


Wide experience


A full range of works

Наши преимущества


Продвижение по позициям

Promotion by positions from 370$

The presence of the website in the TOP determines its interestingness for a potential client. According to the statistics, 85% of people do not go further than the second page when they obtain the request results. Classic SEO with transparent operation, payment for results, detailed statistics, and great chances to increase the brand awareness.

Продвижение по трафику

Promotion by traffic from 550$

The targeted audience is the main indicator of the website effectiveness. The goal of this method is the maximum number of clicks that will lead to the target actions on the website, such as registration, calls, and orders. It is best suited to online stores with a great number of cards of goods and large portals.

Продвижение молодых сайтов

Young website promotion from 330$

When it comes to promotion, the website age is not a critically important factor but it determines some peculiarities of SEO optimization. The search engines recognize the resources with a new or bought domain name, as well as the old websites, on which there was no activity for a long time, as young websites.

Подбор семантического ядра

Semantic core selection from 190$

It is a mandatory stage when working on both old and new content. The semantics collection is required to rework the website structure, distribute requests evenly, and draw up a content plan and attendance and cost forecast. If the approach to the semantic core formation is competent, you will get a good text rather than SEO sheet.

Продвижение в Yandex

Promotion in Yandex from 360$

It is the most popular search engine and aggregator in Belarus. Yandex updates its ranging algorithms from time to time, stimulating the website owners to improve their resources, make them more useful and easy-to-use. The emphasis on behavioral factors allows to reduce optimization costs.

Продвижение в Google

Promotion in Google from 360$

Every day four million Belarusian users go to Google to find or buy something. The search engine is distinguished by its unpretentiousness, speed of reaching the results, as well as their stability. It likes the websites with mobile versions and secure HTTPS protocols.


SEO copywriting from 10$

Each service should be described competently and comprehensibly. Commercial and information texts have a positive effect on the website efficiency if the content is readable, unique, structured, and useful, and if the key words are entered evenly and do not affect text understanding.

Стратегия продвижения

Promotion strategy from 390$

When we begin to promote the website, it is necessary to determine the strategy that the specialists will follow. The rate and efficiency of the website promotion depend on the plan development competence. The service includes the package of actions from tracking of the current resource state to the daily monitoring of key parameters.

Вывод из-под фильтров

Takeaway from filters from 460$

The search engines permanently improve their algorithms of website ranging. If the Internet resource does not meet the current demands of the search engines, contains non-unique and useless content, unnatural referential mass, reoptimized pages, and other promotion errors, these projects fall within the sanctions and should be taken away from the filters.


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